Carriages for drop forged rivetless chains

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Akmash-Holding company produces and sells various types of trolleys and components for overhead conveyor systems such as PNZ, PTZ, and GN. These trolleys work in conjunction with traction detachable chains R2-100-220, SR2-100-220, R2-160-400 and are designed to secure and move cargo along suspension paths. They are also used to prevent the chain from sagging (idle trolleys) in the section between suspensions with cargo.

The advantage of our company is the comprehensive solution to the customer's tasks:

  •  We are the direct manufacturer of chains for these trolleys;

  •  We design and manufacture trolleys taking into account the individual wishes of the customers, the parameters of the tracks, the nature of the loads, etc.;

  •  We use various materials and incorporate design features to increase the operational life of the trolleys (select optimal bearings based on loads and temperature regimes, lubrication channels, suspensions, etc.).

There are several types of trolleys available:
  •  "N" - working normal trolley (used for suspending the moving load and supporting the traction chain);
  •  "T" - working cross trolley (used for suspending and turning the moving load on the trolley, supporting the traction chain, and assembling paired trolleys);
  •  "CT" - paired cross trolley (used for moving heavy loads and supporting the traction chain);
  •  "X" - idle trolley (used exclusively for supporting the traction chain).