Special leaf chains

Скрыть фильтры

грузовые пластинчатые специальные.png

"Akmash-Holding" company has proven itself as a reliable producer of chains for hydraulic equipment mechanisms. With over half a century of manufacturing experience, modern equipment, and quality materials, we are able to produce chains for segment shutters and sliding gates of waterway locks throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries.

The plate link chains with pitches of 110, 140, 170, 200, 250 and 300 mm according to TU 212 RSFSR-983-5-75 have been successfully developed and are being produced. The production site of the company is equipped with testing stands, and each pair of chains undergoes mandatory testing for tensile strength with a three to five-fold safety margin.

 t, mm  b1, mm  Plate combination kH  Weight, kg/m
110 90 8 125000 104 
140 120 12 200000
170 145
12 250000
200 170
10 300000
250 200
12 350000
310 250
12 500000

As per customer's request, chains are supplied with end plates and end rollers. For consultation, please contact the specialists of the non-standard products department.

Akmash-Holding offers comprehensive solutions for hydraulic structures, from manufacturing chains to producing sprockets and drive shafts. The precision of production, guaranteed quality of materials and assembly help to reduce chain wear and increase the service life of the mechanisms.